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BaltosFavorite: just great music!

Kristine Liede – vocals
Sasha Marinicev – guitar
Bernd J. Kröger – double bass

I’ll remember April
It could happen to you
The nearness of you

Bossa novas: Triste Dindi
Swing standard: The more I see you
Ballad: The nearness of you
During christmas time: Let it snow White christmas


Stefani-Edelberg-Kröger: The JazzCats Trio

Stefani-Edelberg-Kröger: Jazzcats Trio

Lea Stefani – piano
Daniel Edelberg – saxophone
Bernd J. Kröger – double bass

About the project: The trio Stefani-Edelberg-Kröger presents jazz standards of the swing and mainstream era. They interpret standards of the Great American Songbook (compositions by George Gershwin, Cole Peter, Jules Styne and others), they interpret Latin pieces (especially bossa novas composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim) and last but not least they interpret ballads and blues pieces in the style of Billie Holiday and Lester Young.

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