Jazz Workshop “Classic Jazz & Bossa Nova” from Monday 06.03. to Saturday 11.03.2023 (3rd edition)

Aktuell: Der Workshop 2023 ist auf Deutsch; es kommen drei Combos zustande! Es sind noch Restplätze in allen Klassen frei.

Aktuell: Es gibt insbesondere noch einen freien Platz für Kontrabass/eBass zu ermäßigter Teilnahmegebühr! (ein verfügbares Instrument ist vor Ort).

Location: Hotel Apollo Terme, MonteGrotto (near Padua and near Venice), Italy 
Relax-, SPA-, Therme- and Wellness-Hotel (heated pools); in addition to SPA: medical treatments

Fotos of earlier workshops and of hotel: see picture gallery

List of docents (availability depends on number of participants in the workshop; but all instruments will be taught in each workshop)

  • Henrique Gomide (instruments: piano, percussion; teaching: solo training for piano; improvisation and rhythm training for all, comping training for piano, guitar, and for all percussion instruments),
  • Thomas Heck (saxophones, flute, improvisation training)
  • Daniel Edelberg (saxophones, guitar, improvisation training), see docents
  • Kristine Cirule (vocals, piano, improvisation training, theory, ear training), see docents
  • Lea Stefani (piano, violin and cello, theory, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • Klaus Desch (piano, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • Sandro Gibellini (guitar, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • new (planned for 2024) : José J. Cortijo (percussion)
  • Bernd J. Kröger (double bass, electric bass fretted and fretless, theory)
  • further docents for brass instruments, drums, percussion, … are invited.
  • teaching languages: mainly German and English

Features of the workshop:

  • All instruments and vocalists are welcome! There will be training classes for all instruments/voices
  • The workshop is designed for jazz amateurs up to semi professionals and for music teachers. But you can also particpate and profit from the workshop if you are a beginner in jazz if you already are practicing your instrument for a few years in other music styles (e.g., classical music)
  • Each instrument/vocal class is layed out for 4 participants.

Workshop goals

  • band training: each participant has the chance to participate in a band for learning to play together with others in an jazz ensemble
  • instrument/vocal and improvisation training: improving your skills on your instument/voc: this takes place within a group but we will focus on each participant for a part of the time and on his individual questions 
  • theory and ear training: improving your knowledge on chords, chord progressions, scales etc. and improving your perceptual skills 
  • rhythm training: improving your rhythm skills in basic rhythms in Jazz and in Brazilian Music

Schedule: (changes may be possible) 

  • First meeting: Monday, 06.03.2023, 18.30 in lobby of Hotel Apollo; first jam session is starting at 21.00 (always following dinner)
  • daily teaching:
    • 09.00-10.15: Theory, ear, and/or improvisation training (plenary session); basics skills like: intervals, chord progressions, scales, etc.
    • 10.30-11.45: Instrumental classes / vocal class (parallel sessions): improving instrumental or vocal skills and improving your skills in jazz improvisation
    • 12.00-12.30 and 15.00-18.00: Band training / Combo training (parallel sessions)
  • daily JamSession: 21.00-00.30
  • last morning (Saturday): 9.00-10.00: Meeting: What was great and what should be better next year and farewell

There are two different options for your workshop participation:

  • Standard instrumental or vocal class: fee: 490 Euros
  • ‘Jam session only’ mode: fee: 290 Euros (active participation only in the jam sessions taking place daily after dinner!)

Application for participation in this JazzWorkshop:

Please write an email to Bernd J. Kröger ( bjkroeger AT gmail DOT com )
Please give the following information: 

  • Last name, first name
  • Street, house number, postal code, name of city, name of country
  • your instrument
  • number of years of instrument training (not necessarily jazz)
  • Please choose between two options:
    • I like to be participant of a standard class 
    • I like to be participant of the jam sessions only (no active participation in other workshop meetings)

We will answer on your email within 2 days

Important dates:

  • Before 05.01.2023: Reservation of place for full participation in an instrument/vocal class: pay 290 Euros now as part of the workshop participation fee; this should be done as early as possible; especially the piano and saxophone class may be fully booked already in october.
  • Before 15.01.2023: Booking of place for full participation by paying the rest of the workshop fee (200 Euros) OR booking of a place for participation in the ‘jam session only’ mode by paying 290 Euros
  • Room booking in Hotel Apollo Terme should be done early in order to get the workshop flat rate (see below).

Booking of hotel room: directly via email to Hotel Apollo (apollo@termeapollo.it), in order to get the workshop rate … (to get an impression about rooms go to hotel web page: Hotel Apollo Terme)
Workshop rate for hotel stay: 5 nights including full board: single/double-room without/with accompanying person: about 600/1100 Euros

Place of jurisdiction: Eupen, Belgium 

Teaching handouts (for participants only): H01 H02 H03 
Lists of songs (for participants only): W01 W02 W03 W04 W05 

Foto of Hotel Apollo Terme (therme pools): 

Link: all European Jazz Workshops (jazzlink.net)