Jazz Workshop “Classic Jazz & Bossa Nova” from Monday 06.03. to Saturday 11.03.2023 (3rd edition)

Aktuell: Der Workshop 2023 ist auf Deutsch; es kommen drei Combos zustande! Piano- und Saxophon-Klasse sind ausgebucht.

Aktuell: Es gibt insbesondere noch einen freien Platz für Kontrabass/eBass! (ein verfügbares Instrument ist vor Ort).

Location: Hotel Apollo Terme, MonteGrotto (near Padua and near Venice), Italy 
Relax-, SPA-, Therme- and Wellness-Hotel (heated pools); in addition to SPA: medical treatments

Fotos of earlier workshops and of hotel: see picture gallery

List of docents (availability depends on number of participants in the workshop; but all instruments will be taught in each workshop)

  • Henrique Gomide (instruments: piano, percussion; teaching: solo training for piano; improvisation and rhythm training for all, comping training for piano, guitar, and for all percussion instruments),
  • Thomas Heck (saxophones, flute, improvisation training)
  • Daniel Edelberg (saxophones, guitar, improvisation training), see docents
  • Kristine Cirule (vocals, piano, improvisation training, theory, ear training), see docents
  • Lea Stefani (piano, violin and cello, theory, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • Klaus Desch (piano, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • Sandro Gibellini (guitar, improvisation training, comping training), see docents
  • new (planned for 2024) : José J. Cortijo (percussion)
  • Bernd J. Kröger (double bass, electric bass fretted and fretless, theory)
  • further docents for brass instruments, drums, percussion, … are invited.
  • teaching languages: mainly German and English

Features of the workshop:

  • All instruments and vocalists are welcome! There will be training classes for all instruments/voices
  • The workshop is designed for jazz amateurs up to semi professionals and for music teachers. But you can also particpate and profit from the workshop if you are a beginner in jazz if you already are practicing your instrument for a few years in other music styles (e.g., classical music)
  • Each instrument/vocal class is layed out for 4 participants.

Workshop goals

  • band training: each participant has the chance to participate in a band for learning to play together with others in an jazz ensemble
  • instrument/vocal and improvisation training: improving your skills on your instument/voc: this takes place within a group but we will focus on each participant for a part of the time and on his individual questions 
  • theory and ear training: improving your knowledge on chords, chord progressions, scales etc. and improving your perceptual skills 
  • rhythm training: improving your rhythm skills in basic rhythms in Jazz and in Brazilian Music

Schedule: (changes may be possible) 

  • First meeting: Monday, 06.03.2023, 18.30 in lobby of Hotel Apollo; first jam session is starting at 21.00 (always following dinner)
  • daily teaching:
    • 09.00-10.00: Theory, ear, and/or improvisation training (plenary session); basics skills like: intervals, chord progressions, scales, etc.
    • 10.15-11.15: Instrumental classes / vocal class (parallel sessions): improving instrumental or vocal skills and improving your skills in jazz improvisation
    • 11.30-12.30 and 16.00-18.00: band training /combo training (parallel sessions): we will schedule all participants in different combos each day in order to foster your experience and contact with all other participants and with more than just one docent. Goal of combo training: Preparation of one or two tunes per day for presentation at the beginning of the jam session
  • daily JamSession: 21.00-00.30
  • last morning (Saturday): 9.00-10.00: meeting: What was great and what should be better next year and farewell

There are two different options for your workshop participation:

  • Standard instrumental or vocal class: fee: 490 Euros
  • ‘Jam session only’ mode: fee: 290 Euros (active participation only in the jam sessions taking place daily after dinner!)

Application for participation in this JazzWorkshop:

Please write an email to Bernd J. Kröger ( bjkroeger AT gmail DOT com )
Please give the following information: 

  • Last name, first name
  • Street, house number, postal code, name of city, name of country
  • your instrument
  • number of years of instrument training (not necessarily jazz)
  • Please choose between two options:
    • I like to be participant of a standard class 
    • I like to be participant of the jam sessions only (no active participation in other workshop meetings)

We will answer on your email within 2 days

Important dates:

  • Before 05.01.2023: Reservation of place for full participation in an instrument/vocal class: pay 290 Euros now as part of the workshop participation fee; this should be done as early as possible; especially the piano and saxophone class may be fully booked already in october.
  • Before 15.01.2023: Booking of place for full participation by paying the rest of the workshop fee (200 Euros) OR booking of a place for participation in the ‘jam session only’ mode by paying 290 Euros
  • Room booking in Hotel Apollo Terme should be done early in order to get the workshop flat rate (see below).

Booking of hotel room: directly via email to Hotel Apollo (apollo@termeapollo.it), in order to get the workshop rate … (to get an impression about rooms go to hotel web page: Hotel Apollo Terme)
workshop rate for hotel stay: 5 nights including full board: single/double-room without/with accompanying person: about 600/1100 Euros

Place of jurisdiction: Eupen, Belgium 

Teaching handouts (for participants only): H01 H02 H03 
Lists of songs (for participants only): W01 W02 W03 W04 W05 

Foto of Hotel Apollo Terme (therme pools): 

Link: all European Jazz Workshops (jazzlink.net)