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Jazz Workshop “Classic Jazz & Bossa Nova” from Monday 10.03. to Saturday 15.03.2025 (5th edition)

Location: Hotel Apollo Terme, MonteGrotto (near Padua and near Venice), Italy 
Relax-, SPA-, Therme- and Wellness-Hotel (heated pools); in addition to SPA: medical treatments

Fotos of earlier workshops and of hotel: see picture gallery

Features of the workshop: Mainly: Combo training: Each participant has the opportunity to play in a combo in order to learn the typical jazz interaction and to develop their improvisation skills. See also: docents

vocal coach 2025: Karoline Weidt

  • All instruments and vocalists are welcome!
  • Combos are organized in jazz-typical formations as trios, quartets or quintets.
  • The workshop is designed for jazz amateurs up to semi professionals and for music teachers. But you can also particpate and profit from the workshop if you are a beginner in jazz if you already are practicing your instrument for a few years in other music styles (e.g., classical music)

Workshop goal: mainly; combo training: Each participant has the opportunity to play in a combo in order to learn the typical jazz interaction and to develop their improvisation skills.

Schedule: (changes may be possible) 

  • First meeting: Monday, 10.03.2025, 18.30 in lobby of Hotel Apollo; first jam session is starting at 21.00 (always following dinner)
  • daily teaching:
    • 09.00-10.00: Theory, ear, and/or improvisation training (plenary session); basics skills like: intervals, chord progressions, scales, etc.
    • 10.15-11.30 and 15.30-17.30: Band training / Combo training (parallel sessions); combos will be reorganized each day or each second day in order to allow you to interact with several docents as combo coaches and in order to allow you to interact and to communicate with many other workshop participants.
  • daily JamSession: 21.00-00.00
  • last morning (Saturday): 9.00-10.00: Meeting: What was great and what should be better next year and farewell

Costs for workshop participation (workshop fee):

  • Booking earlier than 31.10.2024: 590 Euros; later: 650 Euros
  • Room booking directly via email with the hotel (apollo@termeapollo.it)

Application for participation in this JazzWorkshop:

Please write an email to Bernd J. Kröger ( bjkroeger AT gmail DOT com )
Please give the following information: 

  • Last name, first name
  • Street, house number, postal code, name of city, name of country
  • your instrument
  • number of years of instrument training (not necessarily jazz)

We will answer on your email within 2 days

Important dates:

  • 31.10.2024: ending of normal rate for workshop fee: 590 euros; later: 650 Euros  
  • 31.12.2024: ending of flat rate room booking in Hotel Apollo Terme (about 700 euros for 5 nights including full board; rates for 2024); later: normal room rates

Booking of hotel room: directly via email to Hotel Apollo (apollo@termeapollo.it), in order to get the workshop room flat rate … (to get an impression about rooms go to hotel web page: Hotel Apollo Terme)
Workshop room flat rate for hotel stay: 5 nights including full board: single/double-room without/with accompanying person: about 700/1200 Euros (rates from 2024)

A sight seeing program for accompanying partners will be organized by Birgit Kröger (visit of the Euganean Hills nearby, visit of Padua, Verona, Venice, Treviso with its Prosecco Hills etc. on demand); for accompanying persons as well as for workshop participants the SPA of the Hotel offers several treatment-, beauty- and wellness-packages.

Meals (lunch and dinner) are served in a sequence of four courses and take about 60 minutes. It is possible to skip lunch and/or dinner if you want or if you need more time for yourself. Breakfast is self service.

Place of jurisdiction: Eupen, Belgium 

Teaching handouts (for participants only): H01 H02 H03 
Lists of many songs reflecting the workshop genres: W01 W02 W03 W04 W05. Select and prepare two of these songs; Or: just prepare your personal most favourite songs.


Foto of Hotel Apollo Terme (terme pools): 

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